Sell your diamond

We buy diamonds

Are you looking to sell your diamond ring or other diamond jewelry pieces? If so, we would like a chance to be of service to you.

   Many people in the east valley, especially Gilbert, AZ consider Forever Diamonds as the best place to sell your diamond ring, as well as your other diamond jewelry pieces. While many other gold and jewelry buyers have no desire to buy your diamonds, we do!! Any diamonds that are 2.2mm in diameter(.04-.06carat) or larger, look bright and overall pleasant to the naked eye are of interest to us. And like our gold and silver buying services, we will make you an offer that's good for 7 days, so there's no pressure to sell. 

  To receive an offer to purchase your diamond pieces that you wish to sell, just come in to our Gilbert, AZ showroom and we will be glad to give a free assessment of your pieces. With center diamonds smaller than one carat, just come in- no appointment necessary. For center diamonds over one carat, please call first to make sure that our senior diamond buyer is in to examine your piece. 

  We appreciate the opportunity to win your business!! We look forward to being of service to you soon. 



We need 1 to 2 carat round and oval brilliant cut diamonds. Top prices paid!!

Market trends change-even in the diamond markets! It seems like yesterday that the marquise brilliant cut was the immensely popular choice of diamond shape. Then, by the mid-1990s, the princess cut (square modified brilliant) was quickly rising in popularity to be a dominant choice of shape. 


  Today,  the oval brilliant cut is "the hot choice", as the trend favors curves over straight lines. The cushion brilliant is also often requested. 

  But through all of the trends of the last 80+years, the round brilliant has always been among the top choices. 

  So, it is because of these current trends in the diamond market that we really need your round and oval brilliant cut diamonds, and why we are willing to pay more. 


We buy diamond estate jewelry

  Do you have an old diamond jewelry piece or more that you're looking to possibly sell? If so, please come in to our Gilbert, AZ showroom for a free price quote to purchase. As you might know,  our team is really "into" older estate diamond jewelry. In fact, so are a lot of our customers. 

  "But, I'm not sure if what I have is real" you might say? If you are in question as to the authenticity of a diamond piece, please bring it/them by. We often help people who will bring in BOXES of things that they aren't sure if they're even real. We enjoy helping customers, and even a few estate dealers, go through and look at pieces to see if real or not. We never charge for this service, and is done while you wait at the counter(that way you also might learn something new in identifying jewelry pieces). And yes, we will be happy to give price quotes to purchase on the real diamond pieces. Hint: the older........the better!!!