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New store hours due to coronavirus

New store hours due to coronavirus

New store hours due to coronavirus


Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, our hours of service have changed. 

  We are now open Tuesday through Friday from 10a-5p and from 10a-4p on Saturdays. 

  We are in full swing in practicing social distancing and regular disinfecting. We are also still offering to clean and disinfect your rings free of charge to you. 

 Remember that although we all should use caution and common sense, let's also not allow fear to make this epidemic even worse. 

   We will resume our normal schedule of operation after the war on this virus is over. Thank you for your patience. 


On-site ring sizing

New store hours due to coronavirus

New store hours due to coronavirus


The Holiday Season is a very popular time of year that wedding proposals happen-especially New Year's Eve. 

  So, everything was perfect....the perfect place, terrific ambiance, over-the-top romantic proposal, and a beautifully designed blingy ring as well. Then to realize just a short time later that you are not comfortable wearing your new ring as it doesn't fit like it should. 

  Please do not worry, just give us a call or come on over. Our in-house Jewelers will be happy to get your new symbol of love fitting like a glove. And because we do ring sizings in the store, we can usually have your new ring ready in a short amount of time-much faster than our competitors who send out rings to be sized. 

  Call or stop by today to see how Forever Diamonds can help your ring fit perfectly. Congratulations!!

Custom Jewelry Design

New store hours due to coronavirus

Engagement Rings & Loose Diamonds


Do you have a ring design in mind that you just HAVE to have on your finger?? We would be happy to help make that a reality for you. Let our in-house jewelers craft your new custom piece. We invite you to be involved with as much of the process as you would like.

  We often design and make jewelry for customers that already have their own gemstones, and sometimes even their old gold pieces to melt. When someone brings in their own gold pieces to melt down and repurpose, it is important to keep in mind that the color of the metal cannot be changed ( example: from yellow gold to white gold ). In cases where someone has yellow gold, but would like white or rose gold, we can give credit for the yellow gold toward fresh gold alloy of the desired color. 

  So, whether you have a certain idea in mind already, or if you want something unique but don't yet have the details of the design, come in to our Gilbert store and we will be happy to help. We can give you a price quote for your design in mind. We will also be happy to go over designs with you to help "get your creativity flowing".



Engagement Rings & Loose Diamonds

Engagement Rings & Loose Diamonds

Engagement Rings & Loose Diamonds


     Our large selection of engagement rings & engagement semi-mount rings ( without the center diamond ) can be seen in our Gilbert, AZ showroom. You can choose from our selection of loose diamonds with just the carat weight, color, clarity and cut that you were looking for.  Then our in-house jewelers can set your chosen diamond in the ring you picked. We can also set a diamond that you already have ( family heirloom ) in the ring of your choosing. 

  We don't list loose diamonds on our site because they move rather quickly due to our selling activity in the wholesale diamond markets. With our New York style loose diamond pricing,  you can be assured of the best diamond price on GIA reported diamonds in stock, most of which can be purchased from us below the New York list ( below Rapaport list ).  So for some of the best diamond prices in the area, stop in to our Gilbert, AZ store and see what we have to offer today. 


Jewelry Repair

Engagement Rings & Loose Diamonds

Watch Battery Replacement


We do all kinds of fine jewelry repair. From ring sizing to neckchain repair to rhodium overlay, we are happy to be of service. We have 2 Jewelers in-house that can repair and fit your jewelry with precision. Because we perform ring sizing and other repairs in-house we can have your ring sizings and other repairs ready faster than many other places that "send out" ring sizings and other repairs. Also, more affordable ring sizings and affordable jewelry repairs can be achieved when done in-house. 

We also have a laser welder in house so as to treat your pieces with heat sensitive gemstones with the highest of care. 

  When the time comes for ring sizing, diamonds or gemstones added to that special piece, or your vintage jewelry restored, we would really appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you. If you live in the surrounding areas of Mesa, Chandler, Sun Lakes, Tempe, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, or San Tan Valley. AZ please let us know. We will strive to make it worth the drive!!

Watch Battery Replacement

Engagement Rings & Loose Diamonds

Watch Battery Replacement


  Has your quartz watch stopped working? The problem could very well be a low watch battery.  Bring your timepiece in to Forever Diamonds, where we will be happy to check your timepiece. If your timepiece does have a low watch battery, we will be happy to install a new one for you. No matter what the watch brand, our price is only $10.00 each.  Whether it's a Raymond Weil, Michele, Seiko, Movado, Fossil or Invicta, the price is only $10.00 each. So for watch battery replacements done right, and at a low price, please bring your timepieces in to Forever Diamonds in Gilbert, AZ for watch battery replacement.  We will be happy to be of service to you. 

  Don't forget.....if your timepiece is not fitting your wrist to your liking, we offer watch band adjustment services also. Most watch band sizings are only $8.00, and can be performed while you wait as well. And who knows, you might find that trying on custom diamond bracelets, or looking at diamond stud earrings can be a lot of fun while waiting to get your timepiece ready for service.  We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Vintage Jewelry

We Buy Gold & Silver

We Buy Gold & Silver


  Vintage jewelry has recently enjoyed a rise in popularity.  Because of our in-house jewelers being able to bring vintage pieces back into like new condition, we are eager to buy vintage jewelry-even if it's a bit rough around the edges. Also because of this we have quite a selection of vintage jewelry to choose from. If you love to see vintage jewelry,  you NEED to stop by and see what we have. And remember-we are always looking to buy estate jewelry pieces. 

We Buy Gold & Silver

We Buy Gold & Silver

We Buy Gold & Silver


We are always buying gold, silver and platinum. We are also one of the few in the area that buy diamonds as well. Any and all diamonds that are white and bright to the eye and larger than 2.2mm(.04-.06ct), we would have an interest in buying.  As for fancy color diamonds-bring them in. We will still be happy to take a look and give you a price quote. Remember: all of our price quotes are guaranteed for 7 days. Meaning that you don't have to feel pressured to sell, because the offer is good for a whole week. We also offer premiums on vintage jewelry in good overall condition. If you are looking to sell your jewelry,  please give us an opportunity.  We will strive to give you the best price. 


Gilbert's Best Jeweler

Family Owned & Operated

Wow!! Just the phrase "Gilbert's best jeweler" or " best jeweler in Gilbert" sounds like a tall order to fill. While God has blessed us with many customers from Gilbert as well as from Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler, AZ,  we also serve quite a few people who come in from Apache Junction,  Queen Creek,  and  San Tan Valley, AZ. in having their jewelry repair and diamond needs met. So, while there are other jewelers in Gilbert with good reputations, our goal is to be YOUR best jeweler.  Whether we are your "jeweler near me",  or if you have to drive a bit to come in and see us, we appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you and your family. From watch battery replacements to ring repairs to that diamond ring that's just the one you wanted, we are honored to be of service.  We hope to see you very soon. 

P.S.-don't forget: because we buy estate and vintage jewelry, we have many old cut diamonds!! So, if you're looking for a European cut , or even an Old Mine cut or Rose cut give us a call. You just might be surprised what we have in vintage diamonds and vintage rings. 

We Buy Gold

We’re currently paying $28.00 per pennyweight for 14k Gold. This is approximately $18.00 per gram. 

Easy ways to pay

Layaway now for Christmas

 With our layaway program, you can choose a diamond gift idea and pay on it in installments over a 90 day period. This assures you of being able to select your gifts before the Holiday shopping season starts, giving you the first pick. It can also make it easier in a financial sense to get that perfect diamond jewelry gift as you are paying over time rather than one lump sum. 

Visa-Mastercard-American Express-Discover

 We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card for payment. 


 Ask about our financing options provided by Synchrony Financial and Square Capital.