Dont forget about church!!


Easter will be here soon

With Easter Sunday just around the corner,  it's as good of a time as any to discuss church. 

 What is your vision of a nice Easter Sunday?  Children waking up excited to go and see what's in their Easter baskets, a church service in the morning then family lunch. And of course not to forget......the egg hunt!

  Well, if the missing ingredient to your Easter Sunday recipe is a church to attend there are certainly plenty of them to choose from. 

  But,  just like how eggs colored this time of year are rarely the same, each church will indeed have a different " flavor ".

  If you wish that you could find a church that is outgoing and inviting,  then you should try Desert Springs Church in Chandler. From the moment you enter the door, you are cheerfully greeted. A nice feel indeed, especially if the drive to get everyone in the car and going to church is less than joyous that morning. 

  Attire is flexible. Some people dress up for Easter Sunday,  while many just come as they are. At this church what's important is that you just come to church!


  Desert Springs Church is located on McQueen road just south of Tumbleweed Park. 

 For more information about Desert Springs Church, go to