Start the New Year right


 Every New Year it seems as if everyone around us is wanting to make changes to their lifestyle. Start eating better-check. Start working out at the gym-check. Getting an organizer so as to not forget the tasks that were forgotten last year-check. Start going to church ......?"


  If you live in the Gilbert, AZ or Chandler, AZ area and are looking for a place to worship and celebrate our Savior in a Church environment, consider checking out Desert Springs Church in Chandler on McQueen Rd just south of Tumbleweed Park. 

   The people at DSC make you feel right at home from the moment that you walk in the door.  After each service Senior Pastor Brad Davis can always be found in the foyer eager to say hello and answer any questions that you might have. 

  If you think that you might feel uncomfortable because you haven't been to church in (you fill in the blank).......years, no worries. You should feel very comfortable at this church. Dress is casual. Come as you are. Come and worship the Savior-Christ our King!!


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