Do People Still Wear Watches?

With so many in today’s society using their cell phones as their sole timepiece, it might seem like wearing watches is a thing of the past. But the convenience of wearing a watch is still here to stay. Here’s why:

In the presence of company, it’s rude to check your phone. Wearing a watch allows you to be more subtle if you are pressed for time.

Checking the time is hands-free. If you’ve got your hands full, it’s a major undertaking to try to get your phone out to check the time.

It’s not always convenient to have your phone with you. For example, if you are running a marathon, or snorkeling, you can’t take your phone.

They are fashionable. You can have several different watches for different situations – work, play, formal, or color-coordinated.

They allow you to express your personality in a professional environment. You may be required to dress professionally at work, but you can use a watch to still have some fun with your wardrobe.

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