Common Watch Issues and How They Can Be Fixed

At Forever Diamonds, we understand that a watch is more than a timekeeper. If you only needed to know the time, you could use your phone. A watch is a statement, an extension of your personality, a timeless family heirloom. Our watch experts are experienced in many types of watch repair, including:

  • Battery replacement – we only offer the highest quality batteries to keep your watch on time for longer. Battery replacement services can usually be completed in just a few minutes while you browse our inventory or indulge in a cup of coffee across the street.
  • Stem and crown repair – these are the components that allow you to set the time on your watch. If they break you won’t be able to reset the time, date, and some other features until they are fixed.
  • Watch band repair – we offer high quality materials for leather, metal, and synthetic bands.
  • Cleaning and inspection – these services help keep your watch running and in the best shape possible.
  • Crystal repair and replacement – the crystal is the face of your watch. We can repair any cracks and completely replace it if necessary.

In addition to these services, we also offer a watch overhauls, gasket replacement, and can even offer water resistance tests. We use only high quality products and can also offer restoration services on older watches. We know how important your watch is and if you need watch repair in Mesa, you can rest assured that it will be in good hands with our watch experts. Many of our services can even be offered as fast fix services, meaning we will repair your watch while you shop and you can take it home the same day. If you watch isn’t working correctly, bring it in to Forever Diamonds today.