Common Jewelry Repairs

Over time, even the most beautiful and cherished pieces of jewelry can need refurbishing, repair, or upkeep. Here at Forever Diamonds we pride ourselves on having both the modern technology as well as the jewelry expertise to repair and restore any item. Whether you are looking for detailed restoration, a new setting, or even a jewelry fast fix Mesa AZ locals know and trust our expert jewelers with their precious metals, gemstones, and family heirlooms. Our most common repairs are:

  1. Worn metal. This is especially an issue with wedding bands and engagement rings. Often the friction between the two pieces causes the metal to weaken and wear down. We have professionals that can restore you metal and even solder them together to avoid further wear. This is a longer repair job and you will have to leave your piece with us for it to be completed. Rest assured that it is in capable hands.
  2. Bent or broken prongs. The prong is the piece that holds your gemstone in place. If your prongs bend or break, it makes it likely that your diamond or other precious stone could fall out of its setting and be lost. Bent prongs can usually be fixed in the same day while broken prongs may take a bit longer, depending on how many are broken and the extent of the damage.
  3. Missing gemstones. Maybe your ring caught on something and the stone was dislodged, maybe a prong was loose and you didn’t know, maybe you inherited a ring with a missing stone, maybe you don’t even remember what happened to the ruby that used to be in your necklace. Regardless of how your gemstone went missing, we can replace it and reset it. We also offer warranty plans to service your jewelry to help prevent this type of loss in the future.
  4. Broken or bent chains. These can usually be fixed in a fast fix appointment, meaning we will have you in and out quickly with your jewelry as good as new.

While these are the most common repairs we see at Forever Diamonds, our jewelry experts are able to handle almost any issue that may arise with your jewelry. We know how precious it is to you and we will do our utmost to care for it whether you need restorations, repairs, or even replacements. Come see us today for all of your jewelry needs.